In the pursuit of happiness, one usually dabbles in many fields before figuring out what it is that truly hits the spot. For Hend Alsubaey, the founder of Plush Events, it was the combination of unrestricted creativity and making people happy that brought this fulfillment. Hend had been the go-to for creative and be-spoke dinner parties, birthdays and all celebrations for over a decade, but in 2013 , with the encouragement of her family and friends, she decided to widen her horizon and thus, Plush Events was born .

Plush Events is an event management company that focuses not only on delivering client expectations, but to really exceed them. As a part of our highly passion driven and dedicated approach, we provide complete event management and consultation services inclusive of logistics, fabrication and production to make your event a success- we want to give you an Event Beyond Dreams. 

We want to give you an Event Beyond Dreams.

"Each event begins as a blank canvas, there are no limitations and restrictions. We work with our client in ensuring we address, implement and customize their wishes - we are an extremely detail oriented team, and as our ideas begin translating into strategy and implementation , the canvas begins to slowly fill up, and when the event is ready, Al Hamdullah, our clients are always happy with what they see."

"We are very emotionally engaged in what we do , we love our clients! And because of this there is a commitment on delivering top quality, unique, creative and fun events - celebrations are about creating memories and with Plush , we want to make sure the memories created with us last a lifetime" 

- Hend Alsubaey
Plush Events Founder